Saturday, May 18, 2024

Ohio municipalities secure $29.6 million in funding from the Ohio Water Development Authority.

The Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) has allocated $29.6 million in low-interest loans to Ohio communities, aimed at enhancing wastewater and drinking water infrastructure and bolstering water quality standards for residents across the state.

Throughout March, OWDA endorsed 12 projects, including initiatives in Wayne County and Ashland County, geared towards modernizing infrastructure and replacing deteriorating systems. These projects were approved with interest rates ranging from 1.80% to 3.67%.

Beneficiaries of OWDA’s Fresh Water Loan Program include:

  • The Village of Bailey Lakes, Ashland County, securing $192,470 at an interest rate of 3.21% over 20 years. This funding will support the construction of wastewater treatment plant upgrades, encompassing screening enhancements and the installation of new UV disinfection systems, to ensure regulatory compliance and enhance safety measures.
  • The Village of Shreve, Wayne County, receiving $331,155 at a rate of 3.67% over five years. This financing will facilitate the design of approximately 46,000 feet of waterline, intended to replace aging infrastructure and improve overall water distribution systems.

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