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Are Most Ohio Bridges in “Good” Shape?


Are Most Ohio Bridges in “Good” Shape?

Let’s delve into the realm of American bridge infrastructure with a professional touch. Bridges, those essential connectors of our transportation network, have recently come under scrutiny following a notable incident in Baltimore. However, fear not, as we embark on an enlightening exploration of this topic.

Beginning with statistical insights, it’s noteworthy that approximately 6.8% of the over 600,000 bridges in the United States are classified as being in “poor” condition, accounting for over 40,000 bridges in need of attention. Encouragingly, there has been a discernible trend of improvement over the past two decades, with the percentage of bridges in poor condition halving since 2000.

Regional disparities in bridge conditions are also worth discussing. States such as West Virginia, Iowa, and South Dakota exhibit a disproportionately high percentage of bridges in poor condition, ranging from 15% to 20%. Conversely, Georgia stands out with an impressive 75% of its bridges rated as “good.”

A closer examination of Ohio’s bridge infrastructure reveals a mixed picture. While 61% of its bridges are deemed to be in good condition, a notable portion of structurally deficient bridges is concentrated in rural areas, highlighting a need for targeted investment and maintenance efforts.

Infrastructure projects, such as the replacement of the aging I-70 bridge over the Scioto River, underscore the ongoing efforts to address deteriorating infrastructure across the nation. As part of the broader I-70/I-71 reconstruction project, this initiative symbolizes a commitment to modernizing critical transportation assets.

Looking ahead, the recent bipartisan infrastructure legislation has allocated a substantial $40 billion for bridge repair and reconstruction endeavors. While the transition from planning to execution may entail a significant timeframe, this investment signals a promising future for enhancing the safety and reliability of our bridge infrastructure.

In conclusion, bridges serve as vital components of our transportation system, warranting ongoing attention and investment to ensure their continued functionality and safety. Through strategic planning and concerted efforts, we can navigate the challenges posed by aging infrastructure and pave the way for a resilient and efficient transportation network.

By Will ChaseTyler Buchanan, NewsBreak

Ohio municipalities secure $29.6 million in funding from the Ohio Water Development Authority.


Ohio municipalities secure $29.6 million in funding from the Ohio Water Development Authority.

The Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) has allocated $29.6 million in low-interest loans to Ohio communities, aimed at enhancing wastewater and drinking water infrastructure and bolstering water quality standards for residents across the state.

Throughout March, OWDA endorsed 12 projects, including initiatives in Wayne County and Ashland County, geared towards modernizing infrastructure and replacing deteriorating systems. These projects were approved with interest rates ranging from 1.80% to 3.67%.

Beneficiaries of OWDA’s Fresh Water Loan Program include:

  • The Village of Bailey Lakes, Ashland County, securing $192,470 at an interest rate of 3.21% over 20 years. This funding will support the construction of wastewater treatment plant upgrades, encompassing screening enhancements and the installation of new UV disinfection systems, to ensure regulatory compliance and enhance safety measures.
  • The Village of Shreve, Wayne County, receiving $331,155 at a rate of 3.67% over five years. This financing will facilitate the design of approximately 46,000 feet of waterline, intended to replace aging infrastructure and improve overall water distribution systems.

For further details on OWDA’s financing programs, please visit www.owda.org.

Ohio City Named The ‘Loneliest’ In The Entire State

Ohio City Named The ‘Loneliest’ In The Entire State

Mansfield, Ohio, may be deemed the ‘loneliest city,’ but within its statistics lies a call for understanding, urging us to paint a more inclusive and supportive community canvas for all individuals, regardless of their chosen living arrangements.

Living alone encompasses a spectrum of experiences, offering individuals a unique opportunity for personal reflection, independence, and self-discovery, while for others, it may evoke feelings of isolation and disconnection from the vibrancy of communal living. Nonetheless, it’s important to recognize that millions of individuals nationwide navigate the realm of independent living.

Among the findings, Mansfield, Ohio, emerged as a focal point, earning the distinction of being Ohio’s ‘loneliest city.’ This designation was not merely anecdotal; rather, it was backed by statistical evidence derived from a thorough examination of household demographics. According to the data compiled, out of the 18,748 households surveyed in 2022, an astonishing 37.3% comprised solitary occupants. Furthermore, a notable 19.8% of the adult civilian population in Mansfield opted for independent living arrangements.

These figures underscore the multifaceted nature of living alone and its implications for individual well-being and societal dynamics. While some may relish the autonomy and tranquility that solitary living affords, others may grapple with feelings of seclusion and detachment from social networks.

In light of these findings, it becomes evident that understanding and addressing the challenges associated with living alone are crucial steps towards fostering a more connected and supportive community environment. By acknowledging the prevalence of solo living arrangements and the nuanced experiences they entail, we can work towards creating inclusive spaces where individuals feel valued, connected, and supported, irrespective of their living arrangements.

Credit: Written by Sarah Tate on NewsBreak.com

Pioneering Dreams:


Pioneering Dreams: The Inspiring Journey of Shafi Towards the American Dream.

“Success isn’t just about achieving your dreams; it’s about empowering others to reach theirs.”

Shafi’s story is one of resilience, determination, and a relentless pursuit of the American dream. Arriving in the United States just a decade ago, Shafi embarked on a journey that would not only transform his own life but also uplift countless others within his community.

Starting out as a truck driver, Shafi recognized the importance of education as a pathway to greater opportunities. He enrolled at Columbus State Community College, where he earned an Associate of Science degree, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.

Drawing upon his experiences in the trucking industry, Shafi took a bold leap and founded Batel Express LLC, a venture that would not only thrive but also create employment opportunities for over 59 individuals, contributing to the local economy.

But Shafi’s ambition didn’t stop there. Understanding the significance of higher education, he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Logistics Management from Franklin University. Armed with knowledge and expertise, Shafi went on to establish the Somali Chamber of Commerce, assuming the role of president and championing the interests of minority businesses in Central Ohio.

Undeterred by challenges, Shafi stepped into the realm of politics, running as a candidate for State Representative in District 10, a testament to his commitment to effecting positive change within his community.

Even amidst his various roles and responsibilities, Shafi remains rooted in the working class, serving as a sales representative and director of relations at Fydafreightliner Columbus, where he continues to make strides in the transportation industry.

Additionally, Shafi’s dedication to amplifying the voices of immigrants led him to establish Dalmar TV, a local television station serving as a platform for the diverse narratives of newcomers in Central Ohio.

Furthermore, Shafi’s contributions extend beyond business and media. With his commercial driving license, he traversed the entirety of the United States, delivering loads and serving the nation with dedication. His role as a truck driver not only contributed to the economy but also provided vital services across the 48 states.

Moreover, Shafi’s involvement as a conflict resolution president within the West Side Somali Community underscores his dedication to fostering harmony and understanding among immigrant societies. Coming from war-torn countries themselves, many immigrants in Columbus faced unique challenges and conflicts. Shafi’s role as a mediator and peacemaker has been instrumental in resolving disputes and promoting cohesion within these communities.

Through his unwavering determination and tireless advocacy, Shafi has emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration, embodying the transformative power of hard work, education, community engagement, and conflict resolution. His journey serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to dream and strive for a better future.

“Resilience turns adversity into opportunity, and determination fuels the journey towards greatness.”

Westside Columbus Cheers as Ali Hussein Leads the Way!


Columbus, OH – December 23, 2023 – In a night buzzing with joy and anticipation, the Somali Bantu community of Columbus’ west side celebrated the selection of their new leader, Ali Hussein! The vibrant atrium of the Courtyard Marriott Columbus West/Hilliard (2350 Westbelt Dr) thrummed with excitement as hundreds gathered to witness this momentous occasion.

Ali, a young man with a fire in his eyes and a dream of a brighter future, resonated deeply with the community. He promised to pave the way for good jobs, smart skills, and a stronger connection to local resources. The people, tired of struggling but brimming with resilience, saw in him a chance to rise together.

“This isn’t just about me,” Ali declared, his voice echoing through the atrium, met with thunderous applause. “We’re one big family, and together, we’ll build a future where our kids can soar!”

The selection wasn’t a mere vote; it was a powerful collective decision made by trusted community organization leaders. By choosing Ali, they entrusted him with the responsibility of guiding their people, confident in his ability to unite and empower them.

The ceremony wasn’t just about celebrating Ali’s selection; it was about celebrating the community’s spirit. Young and old, families and friends, all came together as one, their faces beaming with pride and anticipation. This wasn’t just a change in leadership – it was a chance to take charge of their own destiny, with Ali as their chosen guide.

With Ali at the helm and the community standing behind him, Westside Columbus can expect positive change. His plans for jobs, skills, and local support offer a roadmap to success, paving the way for a brighter future. Ali’s selection isn’t just a victory for him – it’s a victory for every member of the Somali Bantu community, ready to walk together towards a more prosperous tomorrow.

Dalmar TV

Columbus City school News

Bulsho Show

Bulsho” is a crucial show for the Somali community in Central Ohio, tackling local issues that directly impact their lives. Through insightful discussions, the program keeps viewers informed and engaged, serving as a platform for community dialogue and unity. “Bulsho” is more than just a show; it’s a vital source of connection and awareness for the Somali community in Central Ohio.

Sheikh Hamse Show

Sheikh Hamse,” a captivating weekly Islamic religious show broadcasted on Dalmar TV, stands as a beacon of spiritual guidance within the community. With unwavering dedication, Sheikh Hamse takes on the role of a knowledgeable and compassionate guide, addressing the community’s questions and concerns with profound wisdom and clarity

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